AIG Back Issues: Summer 1993

      Date posted: June 7, 1993

Summer 93 Issue
The Summer 1993 Audio Ideas Guide


  • Energy Veritas 2.8
  • Totem Mani-2
  • Newform R8-1
  • Linn Keilidh
  • Magnaplanar SMGb
  • Camber 3.5ti/SM
  • Paradigm 7se Mk III
  • Wharfedale CRS5
  • Audiosphere PSL-62B
  • Monitor Audio Home Theatre System 200
  • Paradigm Titan, Atom, CC-200, SB-100 Sub Home Theatre Speakers

    Separate Components

  • Micromega Microline System
  • SimAudio Celeste 4150 Amplifier
  • Rotel RHT10 FM Tuner
  • Pioneer CT-W502R Dubbing Cassette Deck

    Summer 1993 Issue
    Price: $7.50


    Digital Audio

  • Theta DS Pro Prime DAC
  • Monarchy Audio Model 22 DAC
  • Teac VRDS-10 CD Player
  • California Audio Labs Delta CD Transport
  • Carver SD/A-390t Carousel CD Player
  • Audio Alchemy ACD-1 CD Player/Transport
  • Denon DCG-300 Karaoke Carousel CD Player
  • Technics SL-PD847 Carousel CD Player
  • Sherwood CDC-5010R Carousel CD Player
  • Sansui CD-117KII Karaoke CD Player


  • Squeezing the Lemon: Getting Better Sound From CD
         Andrew Marshall looks at the various ways now being developed to improve digital audio.

    Receivers and Surround Sound

  • Denon AVC-3030 Surround Amplifier
  • Rotel RSP-960AX Surround Processor
  • Pioneer VSX-512S A/V receiver
  • Teac AG-V3020 A/V receiver
  • Technics SA-GX 550 A/V receiver
  • Fisher DCS-M70 Complete A/V System

    Professional And Portable Audio

  • Denon DTR-80P Portable DAT Recorder
  • Shure VP88 MS Stereo Microphone
  • Aiwa HS-JX505 Personal Portable
  • Aiwa CM-30A Stereo Microphone
  • Koss Porta Pro 2000 Headphone

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    One Response to “AIG Back Issues: Summer 1993”

    1. john vassos c-ca Says:

      hi, i am trying to find out more info on the camber 3.5ti speaker…it seems like a forgotten gem….thanks…john

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