AIG High Resolution Recordings: Ray Montford — Shed your Skin, One Step Closer

      Date posted: May 22, 2000

Many Roads

Ray Montford: Many Roads

“With Ray Montford, you see,
the guitar is an extension of the soul”.

      Ray Montford’s new Album, Many Roads, is more than just roads or paths, or other excursions. It’s about musical styles, explorations in time and rhythm and sound colour; it’s a continuum of related but very different styles, from Link Wray electric guitar to gentle
finger-picked acoustic guitar, with a lot of sonic and artistic stretches in between.

      It’s the most ambitious and mature work yet from Canada’s best and most adventurous folk guitar composer and player. I’ve lived through the evolution of this musical masterpiece for almost a year, and I was still surprised and delighted at the final result. You will be, too!

- Andrew Marshall


Far and Wide
Spirit Runner
Night Train
Another Round
Next to You
Big Sky

Many Roads
Price: $11.99


One Step Closer

Ray Montford: One Step Closer

“Montford knows how to fascinate us … a feast for guitar lovers.”

Newfolksounds, The Netherlands

      One Step Closer, engages the listener through the next step of Ray Montford’s musical journey, exploring an impressive spectrum of performance and innovation.


Movin’ On
Coming Home
Take Me With You
Movin’ On

      With 11 original instrumental compositions, One Step Closer creates a passionate soundscape that is intimate and organic, subtle in its restraint yet powerful emotionally. The arrangements are lean and the production is fueled more by a “live” feel with very few overdubs. The sonic blend of acoustic and electric guitar is supported by tabla, drums, upright bass, Hammond organ and “world vocals”.

One Step Closer
Price: $11.99


      Incorporating pop, folk, world and rock elements, One Step Closer features dynamic performances from musicians who range in experience from work with Maza Meze, Jann Arden, Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, The Band, Bruce Cockburn, the Toronto Tabla Ensemble and Natalie MacMaster.

      As Ray describes in the liner notes: “This album is about movement and the intriguing discoveries of life”.

Ray Montford: Shed Your Skin

“shed your skin seduces, stuns and dazzles.”
Dominique Denis, L’Express.

      Ray Montford’s debut self-produced CD, Shed Your Skin, transports the listener through countless sonic worlds. It is a rich, seductive recording of contemporary guitar instrumentals which explore elements of rock, world, folk and Latin styles. From the opening chords of “One Witness” to the gritty rock riffs of “Axis”, shed your skin paints a rich cinematic landscape.

Shed Your Skin


One Witness
Ice House
The Long Road
May it Begin
Shed Your Skin

      Marked by pristine guitar work and crystal clear recording, the album features 11 original tracks and stunning performances from Rob Greenway (drums, percussion and world vocals), Ian de Souza (electric bass), Evelyn Datl (organ, piano), Ravi Naimpally (tabla), Oliver Schroer (fiddle), Jim Creeggan (upright bass), Steve Lucas (electric bass), David Travers-Smith (trumpet), Colleen Allen (sax), and singer Cookie Rankin.

      Ray began playing guitar professionally in 1987 and soon developed a reputation for his soulful style. He has played and recorded with a number of artists including The Chieftains, Andy Stochansky, Katherine Wheatley, Blaise Pascal, Rachel Kane, The Gravelberries, The Look People and others.

      Between 1994 and 1996, Ray toured extensively in Canada, the US and Europe with The Rankins and recorded with them on their “Collection” and “Endless Seasons” records. In 1996 and ‘97 he also toured Canada, the US and Scotland with Mary Jane Lamond.

Shed Your Skin is now out of print.

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