AIG High Resolution Recordings: Joseph Petric, Euphonia & Concert Acordian

      Date posted: May 22, 2005

Joseph Petric - Euphonia

Joseph Petric, Euphonia

      Joseph Petric’s musicianship and emotional depth of performance have established him as the premier exponent of the concert accordion today. With up to 70 performances a year, his concerts have been described by the international press as, “dazzling…astonishing…a revelation!”

      Petric has had more than 10 accordion concertos created specifically for him as well as numerous solo and chamber works, and has made over 25 recordings. Audio Ideas Recordings is proud to introduce his musicianship and virtuosity for the first time in these spectacular sounding Audio Ideas High Resolution CDs, both produced and engineered by Clive Allen.

     Euphonia (AI-CD-016) explores the contemporary accordion. The title, from the ancient Greek, meaning “well sounded, with ease of pronunciation, pleasing”, reflects the sensual and fluid enunciations of the accordion. The works are all very accessible and musical, worlds away from the image most listeners have of this instrument.

Joseph Petric’s Euphonia
Price: $14.99


      Mr. Petric’s instrument was built for him by Leo Niemi, master luthier, and is based on the nine row free bass prototype of Franco Vercelli ca. 1908. For this recording the instrument was prepared and tuned by the builder to A440.

     The recording was made in Knox Presbyterian Church in Elora, Ontario Canada

Joseph Petric - Rameau

Rameau: Dialogues and Illuminations

      French composer Jean Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) was the greatest composer of his day in France, and his Pieces de Clavecin translate beautifully to the concert accordion, tuned here by builder Leo Niemi to A435, “and incrementally graduated to arrive at A440 on the first note of the second octave, where it remains through subsequent octaves”, according to the notes. This is a full-bodied accordion sound, which engineer Clive Allen has captured completely in all it richness of tone and timbral colour.

      The recording was made in St. Patrick’s Church in Kinkora, Ontario Canada.

Joseph Petric: Rameau
Price: $14.99


     Both recordings use Audio Ideas proprietary minimal microphone techniques and precision digital conversion and editing for the best possible CD sound quality. These recordings will most certainly provide a a whole new musical dimension for all music lovers.

Find out more at Joseph Petric’s Website.

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