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Random Thoughts on the Music Mask
    A little audio satire goes a long way...

NPR on Whether Audiophiles Still Exist
    NPR on where the audiophiles have gone.

Audiophile Grade Mics?
    Wired looks at high end Microphone maker Josephson

CDs Sales Die, LP Sales Fly
    While CD sales continue to plummet, the venerable LP continues its resurgence.

Some High End 'Phones from CES

Sony Launches Classical Music Store
    Sony has just launched Ariama, an online classical music store which promises not only a much larger selection than iTunes, but lossless FLAC downloads.

The CD in Decline
    CNN on the Decline of the Compact Disc

A Brief History of the LP
    Wired runs down some LP history.

Worst Album Sales Week Ever
    Album sales hit their lowest point since Neilson SounScan started measuring in 1991

The Devolution of Sound Quality
    The New York Times on how, at least in the mainstream, people are willing to accept less and less when it comes to sound quality.

Solar Powered Speaker Array
    Fascinating art project involving speakers powered by solar panels playing guitar loops...

LP Grooves at 1000x!
    Amazing images of record grooves at high magnification.

Radio Stations Post Big Losses in 2009
    Like the music business, radio is not faring well these days.

Cassettes Live!
    Like LPs, Cassettes are still selling in surprising numbers.

Ice Records!
    45 RPM records made of ice by German artist Katie Paterson.

Before Radar? Sound Locators...
    Some amazing photos of how enemy planes were "spotted" before radar.

Antique Radio Dials
    Fascinating collection of old radio displays.

Odd Beatles Copyright Fight Brewing
    The owner of BlueBeat, an online music retailer, is claiming that his sale of Beatles songs online is legal because he has re-recorded versions of the songs using "psycho-acoustic simulation".

"Good Enough" and Audio Quality?
    A Wired piece about the democritization of technology and the "good enough revolution" has some good insights into the popularity of MP3s and offers little hope for those of us demanding higher resolution audio instead.

Beatles in Stereo or Mono?
    Richard Metzger makes a passionate case for the stereo remasters.

iTunes' New LP Format Not Lossless
    A step in the right direction, perhaps, but the new iTunes LP format doesn't bear much resemblance (sonically, anyway) to a Long Playing Record.

Steve Albini On Record Stores
    Indie producer Albini on why record stores are important.

Radiohead on Sound Quality
    Interesting words from Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead on MP3s vs CDs

The New Face of Classical Recordings
    Major Orchestras are transitioning from major label contracts and distribution to a much more DIY model.

When Sound Mattered?
    Things you may very well already know, but still....

iTunes/Labels to Revive the Album?
    "Premium Priced" digital albums, featuring extra content such as artwork, lyrics, and interviews, said to be in the works from Apple and the major record companies.

Novel Music Distribution Ideas
    Wired rounds up 10 unusual ways to distribute music in the post-CD era.

Eggshell Speakers (really)
    DIY egg enthusiast squeezes little Hi-Vi drivers into actual eggshells, proclaims resultant sound "narrow".

1967: Floyd Births Live Surround
    Early concert by the legendary band the first to use surround sound in a live venue. Great little piece in Wired about the event.

Cap Volume on Portables?
    Should the maximum volume of portable music players be capped to discourage people from damaging their hearing? Some people think so.

The Record Plays On...
    Kids are still discovering (and buying) vinyl. Some kids, anyway.

Why We Need Audiophiles
    Gizmodo visits Michael Fremer and listens...

Basement or Bassment?
    Perhaps the world's most elaborate subwoofer.

Audiowood - When a Stump is a Turntable
    Gorgeous custom turntables made from slabs, stumps, cross sections and other exotic pieces of wood.

Telarc Ceases Production
    Legendary Audiophile music label to cut staff in half and stop producing their own recordings.

The iPhonograph?
    Vintage ad for a "watch case phonograph"

Proto-Walkman from 1957
    Anyone willing to wear this contraption built by Paul Johnson MUST be an audiophile. It's a tube-based, battery powered radio.

iTunes Dropping DRM
    Most songs on iTunes music store now DRM free, all will be by the end of the first quarter of 2009.

Golf Clubs Can Cause Hearing Loss?
    Apparently a decent swing with a fancy titanium club can put out 130 dB, with at least one golfer in the UK claiming hearing loss from regular use.

A Speaker from a Milk Carton?
    Yorozu Universal Speaker Kit allows you to make a speaker from anything, should you feel the need.

Pricey Glass Speakers From Japan
    Very exotic, handmade, "heat resistant" glass speakers made by Harion in Japan.

Rockstars at Home With Their Parents
    Some great photos of prominent 70's musicians at home with their folks from an almost forgotten Life Magazine spread.

The Deaf Generation?
    New Canadian study suggests 30% of kids are cranking their earbuds to 91db and beyond and risking serious hearing loss in the process.

Music Good For Your Heart
    A University of Maryland study suggests that listening to music we like dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow, whereas listening to stressful music does the opposite.

The #1 iTunes Download is Journey?
    Yes, it's true, the most downloaded song to date on iTunes is Journey's Don't Stop Believing.

Goodbye Baton, Hello Wii
    A computer program called the Fauxharmonic Orchestra uses a pressure sensitive platform and Nintendo's Wii gaming controler to conduct a virtual orchestra.

GearWatch Trolls Classifieds For You
    Very useful tracking tool that will monitor listing of used audio gear on Craigslist and Ebay in the city of your choice. No Canadian cities yet, but hopefully soon...

Biggest Classical Record Deal Ever?
    Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins has signed a deal with Warner Music for $11.8 million, reportedly the largest classical recording deal in history.

A Wave of LPs
    Impressive LP art installation.

Caribou Wins Polaris Prize
    Dan Snaith, formerly known as Manitoba, now known as electronica wizard Caribou has won the 3rd annual Polaris Canadian music prize.

Metallica Fires a Salvo in the Loudness Wars
    Who better, you say? Well the fans are complaning that excessive compression is truning Metallica into noisy mush.

Lego Album Covers!
    It's wacky album cover art day here at AIG.

The World's Greatest LP Covers!
    LP Cover Lover, for LP covert art geeks!

Online Music, iPod Forseen in 1979
    British Inventor Kane Kramer came up with some remarkably prescient ideas about portable music players and digital music distribution way ahead of the rest of the world.

Tribes of Musical Taste?
    A recent study finds that people who love the same music have a great deal more in common than just that.

The Nerve: Music and the Human Experience
    Very promising looking CBC radio series from the people who brought you The Wire.

iTunes Helping Kill the Album?
    Many artists are becomming disgruntled over the single-centric natures of the iTunes Music Store

Toshiba Pushes Up-Res DVD, Rather Than HD
    After winding up on the losing end of the HD video format war Toshiba is pushing DVD players with new and improved technology for making SD DVDs look more like HD.

Vinyl Nut Puts Rare 78s Online
    One Man's quest to digitize all the rare 78s he can get his hands on.

MPAA Wants to Shut Down Your Analog Outs
    Movie industry body is promoting SOC, or Selectable Output Control for cable and set top boxes in hopes to limit piracy of movies broadcast before appearing on DVD.

Iconic UK Record Store in Trouble
    Sister Ray, perhaps the best known and best loved record shop in the UK has just been sold.

In Rainbows a "success"
    Accoring to this article in Wired, Radiohead's pay what you want pricing model for the latest album has paid off for the band.

Cassettes The Format of Choice for Cons
    A company in North Hollywood CA is doing a thriving business selling cassettes to prisoners who aren't allowed to listen to CDs or digital music players.

Polaris Prize Short List Announced
    Nominees include Caribou and Kathleen Edwards

Wired's Top Ten Music Sites
    A useful list of some of the leading edge music sites online. Constant change is here to stay.

CD Soon to be Eclipsed by Downloads
    Downloads expected to overtake CD distribution in volume by 2011.

MP3 Successor Faces Uphill Battle
    An interesting piece by Reuters on what type of file format might replace MP3 files for music downloads. Tellingly, sound quality is not even mentioned as a relevant issue.

Audiophile Ethernet Cable for $500
    It was only a matter of time, but I'm suprised it was Denon first.

UK Music Police are Listening...
    Britain's Performing Rights Society is particularly aggressive in trying to collect royalites on music, going as far as accusing the Lancashire Police Department of infrigement for playing music at staff parties and in station houses.

Polaris Prize "Long" List Announced
    The 40 semi-finalists for Canada's Polaris Music Prize have just been announced.

Average Canadian Musician Makes $16K
    A new music industry study shows that the aveage Canadian musician makes only $16,000 a year, after taxes.

No DRM at New Napster
    The company that started it all has launched the world's largest, DRM-free online music store.

Gallery of Vintage Classical LP Covers
    A Flikr gallery of great Classical LP art.

The New Economics of Rock
    Rolling Stone on how bands survive in a system where CD sales account for less and less revenue.

Music Can Influence the Taste of Wine
    According to Scottish researchers, music can effect how we perceive the taste of wine.

Copter Crash Creates Heaphone Debate
    Should it be illegal to cross the road while using headphones?

Turning A CD Into a 45
    Aleks Kolkowski uses a cutting lathe to put grooves on old CDs

DRM Not Quite Dead?
    As far as the RIAA is concerned, DRM is just resting...

No Freebie From Radiohead Next Time
    Thom Yorke has announced that Radiohead will not offer a "pay what you want" option for its next release.

Meow Records No. 1
    Prince George B.C. Store voted Canada's best indie record store.

How Your Ears Hear Bass
    Interesting little piece about how the shape of the cochlea determines how we hear low frequencies.

Support Record Store Day
    Celebrity musicians to work as cashiers and play in-store shows to help support independant record stores.

Protests Against CBC Changes
    Protesters gather across Canada to denounce changes at CBC Radio 2 and the disbanding of the CBC Radio Orchestra.

Wired Wiki on Hearing Loss
    You may know much of this already, but there's some very good advice here on protecting your hearing.

What's 1000 Times Worse Than an MP3?
    Researchers at the University of Rochester have apparently devised a music compression scheme which makes a file 1000 times more compressed than an MP3. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Apple Now Top US Music Retailer
    iTunes Music Store surpassed Wal Mart in January 08

How Flat Fee Online Music Might Work
    The Electgronic Frontier Foundation outlines how a version of Warner Music's proposed flat fee music access plan might work.

Plastic Cup Gramaphone!
    Make your own working gramaphone using plastic cups and this kit.

CBC Radio Orchestra disbanding
    The last radio orchestra in North America will disband at the end of November 2008

Music Biz a "Big Tip Jar"
    Warner Music floating a plan to levy a flat fee via ISPs for access to music online.

First Audio Recording Resurrected
    Recording made on a phonoautograph 17 years before Edison's patent.

World's Most Expensive Instrument
    Pinchas Zukerman played a private concert in Moscow this past weekend using the world's most expensive musical intrument, the US $3.9 million Guarneri del Gesu violin.

RCMP Raids Music Pirates in Winnipeg
    Outfit was able to produce over 11 thousand discs a day.

Is This the Face of Bach?
    Forensic artists at the University of Dundee in Scotland have digitally recreated the face of one of the world's best known composers.

iTunes Now #2 Music Retailer
    If it's not remarkable enough that iTunes is now right behind Wal Mart in music sales, how about the fact that 48 percent of US teens did not buy one single CD in 2007?

Huge Record Collection Sells
    Paul Mawhinney's massive collection of 45's, LPs and CDs has sold to a buyer in Ireland for the asking price of US $3 million.

$3 Million Record Collection For Sale
    The music collection of Paul Mawhinney, totalling 3 million LPs and 300,000 CDs is up on Ebay for a starting bid of $3 Million.

Naim In Your Bentley
    Naim is putting the finishing touches on its in-car systems for legendary British car make Bentley.

It's Official: HD-DVD is Dead
    Blu-Ray triumphs as the HD format of choice, at least until HD downloads get serious.

Wal Mart to Drop HD-DVD
    HD-DVD Deathwatch now in full effect. With the world's largest retailer no longer on board, it's only a matter of time.

In Defense of Audiophiles
    Fred Kaplan responds to Anthony Tommasini's assersion that MP3 is "good enough". It's an argument that needs to be made.

NY Times on MP3 Sound Quality
    Confirming much of what we know already: "The target consumers are not audiophiles."

Pratfall Crushes Stradivarius
    Following a performance, violinist David Garrett tripped and fell, landing on the case of his 290 year old Stradivarius. Restoration is expected to take 8 months and cost £60,000.

Sound that Makes you Sick
    The "Inferno" sound barrier is a 123 dB alarm system designed to induce nausea, vomiting and chest pains with a particular blend of audio frequencies.

Canadian HD Network By Next Year
    John Bitove, who backed XM Radio in Canada, is promising an all HD content TV network in Canada by next year.

Hi-Fi Sphere!
    From a 1962 book called "1975 and the changes to come".

UK Man Steals £15,000 To Buy Radios
    A 56 year old man in Halifax, apparantly with an obssession with radios, stole £15,000 from his partner to feed his obsession.

60 Year Old Wire Recording Restored
    Using a bevy of signal processing algorithms and a great deal of hard work, the only recording of Woodie Guthrie playing live has been restored from a magnetic wire recording made in 1949.

Netflix Chooses Blu-Ray
    Online rental giant puts another nail in the HD-DVD coffin.

The $6 Million Home Theater
    What has 60 channels of McIntosh tube amplification and 16 18" subs? That's just the beginning...

AM Radio Slipping Into The Abyss
    Canadian AM radio stations are giving up on the band and switching to more profitable FM frequencies.

Blu-Ray Outpacing Early DVD Sales
    Not only does the format war look to be ostensibly over, Blu-Ray sales are impressively brisk, outpacing those of DVD in its infancy.

Turntable Watch (seriously)
    For the paltry sum of $65 you can show the world just how record-obsessed you are.

The Resilient LP in Time Magazine
    Time Magazine points out what many of us already know: The LP lives on, even exhibiting some growth among those dissatisfied with CDs and MP3s.

"iPod Levy" Struck Down In Canada
    The Federal Court of Appeal decides the Canadian Copyright Board does not have the authority to levy a tariff on digital audio players.

Violinist To Follow Radiohead Model
    English violinist Tasmin Little plans to give her next recording away for free in a bid to help promote classical music.

150 Inch Plasma Announced at CES
    Should you require a 12 and a half foot plasma television, Panasonic will be happy to sell you one in 2009. Price yet to be announced, but, if you have to ask...

Warner Bros. To Back Blu-Ray
    Delivering a major blow to the HD-DVD camp, Warner Brothers Studios announced it would support the Blu-Ray HD home video format exclusively.

Sony Ditching DRM
    Sony now offering a DRM workaround for people who want to play WMA files on an iPod. Business Week is also reporting that they will launch a DRM-Free trial program in early 2008.

Another Salvo in the Loudness Wars
    Rolling Stone weighs in on dynamic compression, MP3s, and the fading future of the compact disc.

Holiday Music Sales Down 21% Over Last Year
    21.4 million fewer albums sold between US Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

RIP Oscar Peterson
    Canadian Jazz Legend dies at 82

David Byrne and Thom Yorke Talk Music
    Legendary Talking Heads frontmant and artist David Byrne interviews Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke for Wired.

Daniel Lanois To Release new Album in WAV
    Renowned Canadian record producer and musician Daniel Lanois will release is new record, Here Is What Is, in uncompressed WAV format on his website this December.

DG Offers DRM-Free Classical Downloads
    Classical recording beheoth Deutsche Grammophon (owned by Universal Music Group) has just opened an online music store offering 320 Kbs MP3s with no DRM.

The LP Car Stereo
    If you bought a Chrysler in the mid-50's to early 60's you could spec it with a 16 2/3 rpm dash mounted turntable.

Recording Engineers on Analog Vs. Digital
    An interesting video featuring, among others, analog recording maven Steve Albini on the pros and cons of recording technology young and old.

MTV on CD vs LP in 93'
    MTV weighs in on the digital vs. analog debate circa 1993. Plus la change, plus la meme chose....

Toronto Symphony To Offer Downloads
    TSO claims it will self-distribute popular concerts on CD and offer performances via download.

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
    Ever wonder what Hendrix was really saying?

Bicycle Audio Systems (seriously)
    What happens with a car stereo freak can't afford the car.

Draconian Copyright Law for Canadians?
    Proposed law will ban all "circumvention" of electronic copyright protection, making fair use copying or time shifting, for instance, illegal.

A Comical Case for Micropayments
    A 2001 online comic makes a compelling case for micropayment based music economy.

Make Your Own Foam Plate Speaker!
    A handy how to guide should you have a hankering to build a loudspeaker out of a styrofoam dinner plate. The author claims sound quality "that competes with commercial speakers."

Nov. 23, 1889: S.F. Gin Joint Hears the World\'s First Jukebox?added=true

Nov. 23, 1889: World's First Jukebox
    For a nickle apiece you and three friends could listen to a song on an Edison Class M electric phonograph

No Classical Music = Chaos?
    Pinchas Zukerman tells The Denver Post that if Classical Music is "not synonymous with our existence, or at least 5 to 6 per cent of the population, then society will become a jungle."

Nov. 16, 1904 - The Birth of the Vacuum Tube
    An interesting historical blurb on the invention that laid the groundwork for electronics.

Video of Gould Playing Goldbergs
    A friend send me this link to a complete performance (I'm assuming from the 1981 recording sessions) of the complete Golberg Variations on Google Video.

CD Hybrid with Vinyl Grooves on Top
    New hybrid disc format is a normal CD on one side, and a 3.5 minute vinyl record on the other.

2 of 3 Did Not Pay for Radiohead Download
    A recent study shows that over 60% of people who downloaded the new Radiohead album In Rainbows, under their pay what you like model, chose to pay nothing.

The World's Most Ludicrous Subwoofer
    What has 40 drivers, 40,000 watts of power, and will put out 105 dB at 205 meters?

Canadian Downloaders Buy More CDs
    A new study shows that Canadians who download music from P2P sites purchase more CDs than those who don't.

Cassette Porn
    Feeling nostalgic about your long lost cassette collection? This will put a smile on your face.

HD DVD Gets Cheap Fast
    HD DVD Player from Toshiba now selling for US $198

Music, Movement and Dopamine
    NY Times Op-Ed piece on our natual predisposition to link music with movement and emotion.

LP to Outlast the CD?
    Vinyl record sales continue to rise as consumers buy LPs for home and MP3s for the road.

Danes Suggest Flat Fee Music
    The Danish music industry is proposing a flat fee of around $20/month for unlimited peer to peer music downloading.

Blu-Ray Outselling HD-DVD 2 to 1
    For the past nine monts of 2007 Blu-Ray has had the edge in sales over HD-DVD

An Army Forms in the Loudness Wars
    An organisation called Turn Me Up seeks to promote more dynamic recordings.

Want Peter Gabriel's Studio?
    If you've got a quarter million burning a hole in your pocket, you too could record in "The Shed"

New Canadian Download Tariff
    SOCAN to take a 3.1% tariff on all downloads in Canada

Reuters On State of Online Music
    A nice little state of the union on the world of online music.

More on the War Against Dynamics
    A thoughtful essay on the subject of dynamics/compression in modern recordings as well as music reviewing.

$1M Speaker Cable Challenge Accepted
    Audio Reviewer Michael Fremer accepts challenge to prove to James Randi Educational Foundation that he can tell the difference between Pear Cables and their Monster Cable equivalent

Gizmodo (rightly) Mocks Us
    Tech blog Gizmodo asked its readers to submit some of the more rediculous examples of audiophile excess to be found online. They were not disappointed, although the Oracle Delphi turntable has no business being on the list.

Pyrrhic Victory for RIAA?
    Wired columnist Tony Long argues that the RIAA's recent victory over a Minnesota woman accused of file sharing is a PR nightare for the industry.

Teleportation Tweak (Seriously)
    I present for your education and edification, the "Teleportation Tweak", in which one can improve the sound of one's system with nothing more than a $60 phone call.

B&W Pimps New Jag
    Brand new Jaguar XF features bespoke B&W audio system.

IKEA Lack Rack
    A very nice example of a hacked IKEA Lack table turned into a hi-fi rack.

Major Record Companies Win Legal Battle
    A Minnesota woman has been ordered to pay $220,000 for sharing music online. $9250 for each of 24 songs singled out in the case.

Under the Hood of MP3
    Ever wonder how an MP3 can throw away 90% of a CD's audio data and still sound like music? This primer is a good starting point.

Sony BMG Reinterprets "Fair Use"
    Testimony by Sony's anti-piracy lawyers at file sharing trial suggests ripping one's own CDs is "stealing"

Radiohead Tries "Pay What You Want" model
    Band's first album in four years to be available from their website for whatever price fans are willing to pay.

Portable Audio Users Turning it up to 11
    The UK's National Institute for Deaf People has found many people listening too loud, for too long, with no idea that they're damaging their hearing.

Format War? More of a Skirmish
    Sales of Both Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs declining since peaks in late 2006 as consumers wait on the sidelines.

Rick Rubin on Music Industry's Future
    Eccentric, prolific and very successful music producer Rick Rubin and his vision of the future of online music.

Each Side Entrenching in HD Format War
    What's worse than a consumer HD home video format war? A long and protracted consumer HD format war.

Dynamic Range Increasingly Endangered
    As many of us already know, many comtemporary recordings are compressed to a degree which all but eliminates dynamic range. This Spectrum article delves into the issue.

Happy Birthday Compact Disc
    The very first CD was manufactured 25 years ago. The album? Abba's The Visitors.

Paramount and Dreamworks Choose HD DVD
    Two of Hollywood's major studios have decided to support HD DVD exclusively for home HD content.

Blu-Ray Beating HD-DVD 2 to 1 in US
    Blu-Ray Sales at 1.6 million, 750K for HD-DVD, for first half of 2007

Naxos Also Offering DRM-Free Downloads
    Budget classical label Naxos will join the DRM-Free bandwagon with 192 Kbs MP3s

Universal to Test DRM-Free MP3s
    From August until January the world's largest record label will make certain tracks available with no digital rights managment.

Shocking Revelation: Music Shoppers Hate DRM
    A new survey of UK music buyers revealed that 68% would not pay for DRM locked tracks.

A Different kind of CAT System
    Looking for Proof that NXT speaker technology is having a tough time making it into the high end?

Puretracks now offers MP3 & EMI with no DRM
    Canadian Online Music Site now offers MP3s and DRM free content from EMI

MP3 Eating Worm Threatens PC Tunes
    A new piece of malicious software could eat all the MP3s on your PC

Quad Driver In Ear Monitors from Ultimate Ears
    At US $1150 the new UE-11 aims to be the king of in ear monitors

53% Surf Social Networking Sites for Music
    Number of people admitting to illegal downloads also up to 43% from 36% in 2006

Downloads Not Filling Gap Left by Lost CD Sales
    Legal dowloading of digital music is still far from filling the gap left by dwindling CD sales

56% of Net Radio Music from Indie Labels
    Major labels account for 87% of music on terrestrial radio.

Boutique Target Favours Blu-Ray
    Target stores in the US will carry only Blu-Ray players this holiday season, dealing another blow to HD-DVD

Joni Mitchell Signs with Starbucks
    For her next two records Joni will be stoking the latte making machinery for the Starbucks label Hear Music.

New Blu-Ray Player from Denon
    Denon has entered the Blu-Ray fray with a US $1999 player with a number of high end features

Deadbeats Weigh in on HD Format War
    A Seattle video store loses its entire Blu-Ray stock to theives. HD DVDs ignored.

UK Refuses to Exend Copyright Term
    British copyright protection of musical performances will remain at 50 years.

George Lucas Wants to Fiddle with your Gear
    Lucas' THX "Blackbird" system aims to have software and hardware talk to each other for optimal playback.

Hair Salons Threatened by SOCAN over CDs
    The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada is ordering hair salons to pay royalties on CDs they play for customers

Why People are Really Choosing Blu-Ray
    The Onion Knows why people are really switching to Sony's HD video format

Disney Floats new CD Format with Extras
    "Extras" will include digital photos, lyrics. Booklet to be replaced by recyclable packaging. Consumers to collectively yawn.

Unlucky Jogger Gets Lightning Jolt Through Ipod
    Was reportedly listening to religious music at the time.

HD DVD Outselling Blu-Ray in Europe
    A European HD DVD promotional group is claiming 74% market share for standalone players in major European markets.

New SACD players (with amps!) from Pioneer
    The X-Z7 and X-Z9 will also play MP3s, feature 50 watts of amplification and a USB port for portable players.

2 Ton, 2000 Watt Horn "Sound Projector"
    Looking to listen to your mono LPs from 1km away? This is the system for you.

Prince Distributes New CD via UK Newspaper

Album Sales Continue Slide, Digital Singles Rise

Warner Dual Format Hi Def DVD Delayed

Canadians Listening to Less Radio

Apple now 3rd Largest Music Retailer in US

Real World Soundproofing from Wired

Crutchfield Comes to Canada

Music Downloads not of Environmental Benefit

Blockbuster Bolsters Blu-ray

NY Times Headphone Test

JVC's 110" HDTV

CD. LP. SACD. DVD-A. MP3. Thumb Drive?

Sony drops Blu-Ray hardware prices

Some McCartney with your espresso?

Interview with Feist

Landmark Toronto Record Store to Close

Sony rolling out HD Radio Tuners

Rogers Floats Pay Audio Plan for Canada

Apple To Buy The Rutles Catalogue?

  Outside the Speakers

    Random Thoughts on the Music Mask
    NPR on Whether Audiophiles Still Exist
    Audiophile Grade Mics?
    CDs Sales Die, LP Sales Fly
    Some High End 'Phones from CES

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