AIG Back Issues: Spring 1997

      Date posted: April 7, 1997

The Spring 1997 Audio Ideas Guide
The SPRING 1997 Audio Ideas Guide

Digital Audio

  • TASCAM DA-38 8 Track Digital Recorder
  • Micromega Stage 6 CD Player
  • Parts Connection DAC-2 & Upgrade Kits

    Phono Equipment

  • Grado Reference Sonata Cartridge
  • Esoteric Sound Impulse Noise Reducer

    Home Theatre

  • Pioneer Elite DVL-90 LD/CD/DVD Player
  • Technics H-A300 Dolby Digital/Pro Logic Surround Processor
  • Panasonic DVD-100 & 300 DVD/CD Players
  • Denon AVR-3600 Dolby Digital Receiver
  • ATI 1504 4-Channel Amplifier
  • Bartels Home Theatre Speakers
  • Newform R8-1-30 Ribbon Home Theatre Speakers

    Spring 1997 Issue
    Price: $7.50



  • Ruark Crusader II
  • Mirage OM-6 Omnipolar
  • Jamo Concert 11
  • Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1
  • N.E.A.R® 15M
  • Paradigm Reference Active/20
  • Coincident Technology Triumph
  • Genelec 1029A Nearfield Monitor
  • BIC Venturi Bipolar V604

    Separate Components

  • Sphinx Project Two Mark ² Preamp/Project Twelve Monoblock amplifiers
  • Cary SLI-30 Integrated amplifier
  • API Power Wedge 113

    Gadgets, Gizmos, and Goodies

  • Kimber Silver Streak Interconnects
  • Bedini Ultra Clarifier
  • Monster AV-Pod Interlink
  • API Power Wedge 113 mkII Line Conditioner


  • Interview with Joel Silver of the Imaging Science Foundation about
    calibrating TVs and what DVD really promises
  • Tweeter Technology: An overview of tweeter design from dome
    to dipstick (By John Meyer)
  • Festival du Son et L’Image a Montreal: SOUNDSTAGE E-Zine editors
    Doug Schneider and John Stafford cover the Montreal show
  • The Sight and Sound of DVD: Andrew Marshall reviews
    several early releases in this new A/V format
  • ORGANOMICS: The making of the newest Audio Ideas CD

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