AIG Back Issues: Summer 1999

      Date posted: June 14, 1999

The Summer 99 AIG
The Summer 99
Audio Ideas Guide

Separate Components

  • Audio Refinement Complete System
    (Integrated Amp, Tuner, CD Player)

  • Sim Audio Celeste I-5080 Integrated Amplifier
  • Rotel RP-955 Turntable


  • Verity Audio Fidelio
  • Mirage MRM-1
  • Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v2
  • Enigma Sirius
  • Totem Arro
  • Audion Event Horizon Subwoofer

    Mirage's New MRM-1 Loudspeaker

    Summer 1999 Issue
    Price: $7.50


    Digital Audio

  • Pioneer Elite PDR-19RW CD Recorder
  • Entech 205.2 Number Cruncher D to A Converter

    Home Theater

  • Loewe Planus Digital TV
  • Samsung SP403JA LCD Rear Projection TV
  • Arcam Alpha 10 Home Theater System
  • NAD T770 Dolby Digital A/V Receiver
  • Klipsch Synergy Quintet A/V Speaker System

    Aaron At Large

  • AAM spends quality time with the best 32″ NTSC Direct View TV Sets from Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic

    Brockhouse Beat

  • Gordon Brockhouse evaluates new digital formats: SACD, DVD Audio (multichannel) and MPEG 3

    The Audio Ideas Interview

  • Film Sound Designer Steve Munro (The Sweet Hereafter) talks to Andrew Marshall about how a soundtrack is put together

    Sony's 32 inch Wega Dishing It In, Part Deux

  • Andrew Marshall takes a second look at the Canadian satellite services, with special emphasis on Star Choice and the future

    Workin’ On the Levy

  • Andrew Marshall looks at the Heritage Minister’s absurd tax on recordable media.

    A Crossover Hit?

  • Andrew Marshall visits Kimber Kable in Ogden, Utah to find out about their DiAural Crossover Technology.


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