AIG Back Issues: Almanac 2002

      Date posted: December 14, 2001

A/V Almanac 2002 Product Directory

A/V Almanac 2002 - Cover

* It’s here! Canada’s only A/V product directory, the complete and comprehensive listing of prices and specifications for over 4000 audio and video components and accessories!

Digital Audio

* Sony SCD-CE775 5-Disc Multichannel SACD Player


* Klipsch Reference RB-3 Compact Monitors
* StudioLAB Reference 1 Small Towers
* Reel Acoustics RSW-12 Subwoofer
* PSB Stratus Gold i

Home Theatre

* Pioneer DV-AX10 DVD/SACD/CD Player
* Arcam FMJ DV27 DVD Player
* Pioneer Elite DV-7000 DVD Recorder
* TEAC Reference 550 DVD Player & Receiver
* NAD T531 DVD Player

A/V Almanac 2002 Issue
Price: $7.50


Record Reviews

* Bob Oxley listens to some new JVC XRCD releases of RCA classic Living Stereo recordings.

Also In This Issue

* Andrew Marshall comments on the major record companies’ Internet marketing attempts, and introduces an exciting new artist for Audio Ideas Recordings, guitarist Ray Montford.

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