AIG Back Issues: Almanac 2000

      Date posted: December 14, 1999

The A/V Almanac 2000
The 2000 AIG A/V Almanac

Our 3rd Annual Product Directory Issue!

  • Over 4,500 Hi-Fi and Home Theatre Products Listed!
  • Detailed Specifications!
  • CANADIAN prices and contact information!

  • The Only Directory of its Kind!

    Separate Components

  • Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated Amplifier
  • AcousTech Phono Preamp
  • NAD L 40 CD Receiver
  • TEAC CR-H100 Micro System

    Almanac 2000 Issue
    Price: $7.50



  • Newform Research R645
  • Soliloquy 5.0s & S10 Subwoofer
  • Paradigm Reference Studio/40 V.2
  • Design Acoustics DA-T626, DA-C626, & DA-800 Subwoofer
  • Klipsch Synergy SF-2
  • D-Box Sub-600 Subwoofer
  • Energy Encore 2 & Encore Subwoofer

    Home Theater

  • ADA Cinema Reference A/V Processor/Preamp
  • Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 5 Channel Amplifier

  • Pioneer PDV-LC10 Portable DVD Player
  • Yamaha DVD-C900 5 Disc DVD Carousel Player

    The Audio Ideas Interview

  • Gordon Brockhouse talks with Pierre de Lespinois, producer and director of The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, the first television series created in HDTV.

    Cables and Accessories

  • Wireworld Gold Eclipse Speaker Cables
  • WBT Banana & Spade Connectors
  • Audio-Technica AT-910 Pro Headphones

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