AIG Back Issues: Winter 1992

      Date posted: January 7, 1992

Winter 92 Issue
The Winter 1992 Audio Ideas Guide


Phono Equipment

  • Roksan Radius
  • Roksan Corus Black Cartridge

    Digital Audio

  • Technics SL-Z1000 CD Transport
  • Technics SH-X1000 DAC
  • Deltec PDM Two DAC
  • Naim Audio CDS
  • PS Audio Superlink DAC
  • Teac DA-P20 Portable DAT Recorder
  • Rotel RCD965BX
  • Pioneer PD-9700
  • Audio Alchemy DDE v1.0
  • Nikko NCD2500 5-Disk Carousel CD Player


  • Cd Tweaks: There’s One Born Every Minute:
    Andrew Marshall Tries to determine if all the rings, fluids, pads and
    snake oil really work, and comes to some interesting conclusions.


  • Monitor Audio Studio 20
  • Paradigm Studio Monitor
  • B&W Martix 805
  • Eipson Concept 2
  • Totem
  • Epos ES11
  • Clements Little D
  • Celestion 9
  • Polk Monitor 6
  • PSB Stratus Mini
  • KLH Contempo 82
  • Audiosphere Profile 6.1
  • KEF K120
  • Acoustic Research M1
  • Atlantic Technology Pattern
  • Synthedata SD70A/S100B

    Separate Components

  • Deltec DSP 50S Preamplifier/DSP 50s-PSU Power Supply
  • Deltec DSP 50S-D Phono Stage/ DPA 50S Amplifier
  • OCM Soloist 55 Preamplifier
  • OCM Soloist 200 Amplifier
  • Bryston 4B Amplifier
  • YBA Integre Integrated Amplifier
  • Linn Pretek Preamplifier/ Powertek Amplifier
  • Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Preamplifier
  • Sugden A25B Integrated Amplifier
  • Harmon/Kardon TD4800 Dolby S Cassette Deck
  • Teac C-8000 Dolby S Cassette Deck
  • Denon DRS-810 Cassette Deck

    The Audio Ideas Interview

  • Contributing Editor Gordon Brockhouse talks to API speaker engineers

    Ian Paisley and John Tchilinguirian, and gets some fascinating insights into speaker design.

    Hy End

  • Contributing editor Hy Sarick muses on the last decade in audio, and the next, in between taking a close listen to the Quad-63/Gradient subwoofer combination.

    Receivers and Complete Audio Systems

  • ReVox H Series System
  • Denon D-200 Compact System
  • Fisher DCS-M44 Compact System
  • Hitachi FX-7 Compact System
  • Yamaha RX-550 Stereo Receiver
  • Sherwood RX-4010R Stereo Receiver
  • Samsung MAX 430C Compact System
  • Yamaha YST-99CD Tabletop Audio System

    Headphones and Accessories

  • Grado Signature Headphone Amplifier
  • Grado SR100& SR300 Headphones
  • Nikko NH500IR Cordless Headphone
  • Power Wedge One Line Conditioner
  • Lift Cube CD Storage Cabinet
  • CD/Mate CD Carrier
  • TDK CD Recording Guide CD
  • AudioSource SW Three Subwoofer

    Video/Home Theatre Components

  • Sanyo PLC-200N LCD Projector
  • Proton VT-215 20″ Monitor/TV
  • Pioneer CLD-M90 LD/5 Cd Player
  • Carver CT- 17 Preamplifier/Tuner
  • Energy ESAT/Sub-7 Surround Speaker System
  • VCR Plus Timeshift Remote Control
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