AIG Back Issues: Winter 1994

      Date posted: January 7, 1994

Winter 94 Issue
The Winter 1994 Audio Ideas Guide

Phono Equipment

  • Signet OC-9 MC Cartridge
  • Sumiko Blue Point Special MC Cartridge
  • QR/DNM Design Ringmat

    Digital Audio

  • Monarchy Audio DT-24A CD Transport
  • Monarchy Audio M-33 DAC
  • Teac VRDS-20 CD Player
  • Enlightened Audio Designs CD-1000 CD Player
  • Quad 67 CD Player
  • Denon DCD-1700 CD Player
  • Sentec DiAna DAC
  • Technics DC-10 DCC Recorder
  • Rotel RCC 940AX Carosel CD Player
  • Pioneer PD-M53 6-Pack CD Player

    Winter 1994 Issue
    Price: $7.50



  • Thiel CS3.6
  • Energy Veritas v1.8
  • Castle Howard
  • Monitor Audio MA-800 Gold
  • Merlin EXL-1
  • NHT Super Super Zero/SW2P Subwoofer
  • Paradigm 11SE Mk III
  • Audiosphere Acoustic Profiles PSL-8.4
  • Audiosphere PSL-Sub 10P
  • Wharfedale 415
  • Polk CS350LS Centre Channel

    Separate Audio Components

  • Duson C 1000 Preamplifier & A10 Power Amplifier
  • Linn Kremlin Tuner
  • Teac V-2020S Dolby S Cassette Deck

    Receivers and Surround Sound

  • Pioneer VSX-D2s A/V Receiver
  • Mordaunt-Short Decoder One Pro Logic Processor
  • Sherwood RV-5030R A/V Receiver
  • GLG Technologies JS-2 Passive Surround Decoder

    Gadgets, Gizmos & Goodies

  • API Power Wedge 114 & Power Enhancer 1
  • Mini-Vac Battery Vacuum Cleaner
  • The Remote Tree
  • Write’n Wipe Video Tape Labels
  • Audio Ideas Imagers Backgrounder

    Hy End

  • Hy Sarick evaluates the first batch of RCA Living Stereo CD Reissues.

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