DVD Reviews - A Mighty Wind

A Mighty Wind

“This recent film comes from the ensemble team who did Best In Show, which I thought was hilarious, (but some animal lovers were offended), and Waiting For Guffman, which I haven’t seen (and should rent soon). Having been a folk musician of moderate talents myself in my undergraduate years, I found the film had special resonances, and as it was a gift from Aaron and Charlotte at Christmas, we all sat down and watched it on the big screen on Boxing Day…”

DVD Reviews - The Rutles: All You Need is Cash

The Rutles:  All you need is cash

“This obvious satire of the Beatles is quite affectionate, this moptop group notable for their tight trousers, which attract the attention record executive Leggy Mountbatten, resulting in a lifetime recording contract. They go through many parallel musical and personal changes that are all very amusing, the hand of Eric Idle (Monty Python) always evident. At the height of the mania they appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, and do a monster concert where mostly screams are heard at Ché Stadium in New York…”

DVD Reviews - Stephen Hawking’s Universe and Hyperspace

Stephen Hawking's Universe

“For those who are mystified by relativity and the Big Bang (let alone “String Theory” which currently mystifies everyone, even the physicists working on it), and are fascinated by the meeting of physics and cosmology, these BBC programs will be of interest. Having been long fascinated myself by these subjects, and tending to read Hawking’s books almost every summer seeking a better understanding, I jumped at the chance to buy these DVDs in the Indianapolis airport science store, when coming home from CEDIA…”

DVD Reviews - A Quartet of Science and Exploration DVDs

IMAX:  Into the Deep

“I guess you’d call these films “soft” educational, all of them cereal-bowl size with lots on the screen and in the speakers to keep a Science class quiet for almost an hour. I saw the last one in IMAX 3D, and it was spectacular, especially the roving shark that almost swims into the theatre. Believe me, every body in the Luxor Theatre ducked, myself included. But more on that later. These films are a kind of industry for Science Centres, Natural History Museums, and other places where kids get bused in March…”

ISF for HDTV - Andrew Marshall on ISF calibration

ISF logo

“Some of us thought that HDTV sets would come ready to make the best of all images, and I assumed this when I acquired my 64″ Pioneer Elite PRO-710HD rear-projection TV a year or more ago. It has been superseded by newer, less expensive models in the same size, as HD prices have rapidly come down. The buzz these days is around the larger plasma sets (up to 60″), which can be hung on a wall…”

Music Reviews - Ray Brown, John Clayton, Christian McBride: Super Bass (SACD)

Cast your Fate to the Wind

“You might be inclined to pass off this disc, the second live outing for this ad-hoc group, as equivalent to such novelty efforts as Duelling Tubas, but in fact, this is the real thing, three of the best bottom feeders, so to speak, doing things on a bass that you never thought possible, (or even legal, for that matter). Another benefit of this disc, like Dean Peer�s solo electric bass CD, UCross, is that you�ll soon find all the vibrating objects in your listening room; I tightened up the track lights above my speakers this way, and got rid of a long-mysterious rattle…”

Music Reviews - Jazz Impressions Of Black Orpheus/Cast Your Fate to the Wind (SACD)

Cast your Fate to the Wind

“Ah, the memories of being a college DJ, playing those Ahmad Jamal and Vince Guaraldi seduction tunes, interlaced with a little folk music, Johnny Mathis, and so on. Cast Your Fate To The Wind was a huge hit on most charts in the pre-Beatles era, and the album that carried it was originally titled Jazz Impressions Of Black Orpheus, until the single hit the charts…”

Music Reviews - Jazz/Concord and Rhythm Willie: Herb Ellis (DVD-Audio)

Herb Ellis DVD-A

“About as amiable as it gets, this session from 1974 has been remastered to DVD-A from the analog stereo tapes, and presents 9 standards, ranging from The Shadow of Your Smile to Love For Sale, with Herb Ellis playing most of the lead guitar at left, but with Joe Pass embroidering, underlining, and sweetening with much more than rhythm guitar. Ray Brown provides bass leadership, as is his wont, while Jake Hanna keeps the rhythm strong with his drum kit through all the electric guitar doodling…”

AIG Back Issues: Winter 2004

Winter/Spring 2004 Issue  width=

Highlights Include: Pioneer Elite PRO-910HD Plasma Display, Niro Two 6.1 Receiver and Speaker System, Menttor Dolby Digital/DTS Headphone System, PSB Platinum M2 and S10 Subwoofer, Paradigm Reference Signature S4, Energy Connoisseur Series C5, Moon Equinox upsamping CD player, Bluenote Villa Boboli MC Phono Cartridge, XP Sound XP201 Phono Preamp/Headphone Amp, ISF Calibration of a High Definition Rear Projection Television, Aaron Marshall on Rega Planar 3 upgrades and more…

Niro Two 6.1 Home Theater System

Niro Two 6.1 Home Theater System

“Niro Nakamichi is the son of the founder of Nakamichi Corporation, and he has started his own company to make high end audio and video components. The first wave, a couple of years ago, were very large, stylish audio preamplifiers and amplifiers that were very expensive. Now, under his Niro brand he’s introduced some…”

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