AIG High Resolution Recordings: Ray Montford — Shed your Skin, One Step Closer

Ray Montford:  Many Roads

“Ray Montford’s new Album, Many Roads, is more than just roads or paths, or other excursions. It’s about musical styles, explorations in time and rhythm and sound colour; it’s a continuum of related but very different styles, from Link Wray electric guitar to gentle finger-picked acoustic guitar, with a lot of sonic and artistic stretches in between…”

Music Reviews - No Doubt: Return of Saturn

No Doubt:  Return of Saturn

“The 1995 release Tragic Kingdom took three years to top the charts, and upon achieving multi-platinum status No Doubt embraced their hard-earned fame. They didn’t resent the public for ignoring their punk/ska roots, and they didn’t force ten years worth of old material down young teeny-boppers throats when they flocked to their concerts. Consciously, the band opted to milk their fifteen minutes for as much as they could, and now five years later their conversion to top-forty pop is complete with the release of Return of Saturn…”

Music Reviews - High Fidelity: Original Soundtrack

High Fidelity: Original Soundtrack

“Many of the bands are familiar, but this is no greatest hits compilation. Bob Dylan, The Kinks, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder and The Velvet Underground are the legends present, offering tasty selections and fine points of comparison for the non-legends that contribute the album’s most memorable songs. The Beta Band’s “Dry the Rain” achieves a level of pop euphoria rarely reached since, well, “Oh! Sweet Nuthin” by the Velvet Underground….”

Music Reviews - Neil Young: Silver and Gold

Neil Young: SIlver and Gold

“All I could think about as this disc spun over the laser was how much Lou Reed hates Neil Young. “Love’s the answer, love’s the question…” warbles Neil, in gentle falsetto over piano and six-string. I imagine what Swift might have felt if forced to sit and read Wordsworth. Maybe Lou’s just jealous because he’ll never get asked to sing around a campfire. The cash-cow reunion tour with CSN has put Mr. Young back in the acoustic mood, singing about grassy hills and “feeling the earth” and the kind of love that never grows old…”

Music Reviews - Drivin n Cryin, The Essential Live Drivin n Cryin

The Essential Live Drivin' n' Cryin'

“Most of the great hairspray metal bands hail from either Los Angeles or Great Britain. Perhaps a geographical quirk, more likely a government sponsored initiative to increase spandex sales in influential markets. The mind is left to wander…what would happen if cock rock exploded in Sweden? Would all metalheads fill stadiums and raise their fists to rock with the legendary Yngwie Malmsteen? What if the newcomers on the Canadian music scene all cited radio legends Slik Toxic, Skid Row, and Lee Aaron as their primary influences…?”

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