DVD Reviews - The Mask of Zorro

The Mask Of Zorro

“After watching The Mask Of Zorro, it’s hard to believe Catherine Zeta-Jones isn’t actually Spanish, and harder to accept that she’s really Welsh, such a convincingly swashbuckling senorita is she. Zorro is another big budget Hollywood film, with numerous sumptuous sets, and the creation of a slave-worked gold mine, which is not quite a recreated Titanic, but a huge edifice none the less…”

DVD Reviews - Titanic


“I know these are supposed to be DVD reviews, but this film, the all-time box-office biggie, has yet to appear in that format, but was recently released on LD. I guess that up until I bought this set, beautifully packaged for the 12″ format, I was the only North American to have not seen Titanic, not having experienced it in the movie theatre…”

DVD Reviews - Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

“If Susan Anspach was a bit of a fish in Five Easy Pieces, Andie MacDowell was a frozen fillet in Sex, Lies, And Videotape. But in this film she is the perfect foil for Bill Murray as a his TV producer. He’s an egotistical, insensitive weatherman cursed to cover Ground Hog Day over and over again until he finds his humanity. The premise is silly, but a good and often very funny script by Harold Rubin makes it work as a perfect vehicle for Murray’s remarkable comedic talent…”

TEAC AG-D9320 Dolby Digital/DTS A/V Receiver

TEAC AG-D9320 Dolby Digital/DTS A/V Receiver

“Receivers with Dolby Digital decoding have come down in price below $1000 recently, and the new AG-D9320 almost gets to the $500 threshold. Rated at 130 watts per channel in stereo and 100 x 5, it claims “high instantaneous current capability.” The AG-D9320 contains massive capacitors within the all-discrete amplifier circuits…”

AIG Back Issues: Winter 2000

Winter 2000 Issue

Highlights Include: Denon AVR-3300 Home Theater Receiver, Blue Circle BC 22 Power Amplifier, Pioneer DV-AX10 & C-AX10 DVD Audio Transport / Preamp, Fujitsu PDS-4211 42″ Plasma Display / Faroudja DVP-2200 Video Processor, Audio Control Diva HT Audio Processor, Toshiba SD-4109X 6 Disc HDCD DVD Player, Waveform Mach Solo & MC Centre Channel Loudspeakers, PMC FB1 Loudspeaker, PSB Image 4T, Klipsch Reference 3 Home Theatre System, Energy Encore Home Theatre System, and more…

DVD Reviews - Montenegro


“Written and directed by the same man who made The Coca Cola Kid, Montenegro chronicles the brief straying of a bored housewife (Susan Anspach into the company of a band of Yugoslavian immigrants. Like Wag The Dog, Montenegro was made long before that region or its people became daily news fodder. It’s a charming film, with many funny moments. I didn’t realize that Makavejev was behind both this film and the Coca Cola Kid, which I look forward to seeing out on DVD…”

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